Mainline Coolers

We are happy to announce our recent product unveiling of rotomolded coolers. These are a great alternative to Yeti on price but not features.

Our cooler stood the 6 day ice challenge and stood hand in hand with all of the other leading competitors.

Featuring cold-seal freezer grade lid gaskets that run the full length of the cooler lid, heavy duty rubber latches that keep the lid closed nice and tight, a durable leak proof drain plug and and integrated padlock system that will keep your belongings safe.

With three sizes available: 25 liter, 45 liter, and 65 liter you will have the option to pack it all for an extended stays or pack small for your day outing.

Our coolers come with a 1 year replacement warranty that can be either filed through us at Inland Pipe & Supply Wenatchee or Mainline Customer Service.

With the thick Rotomolded no-sweat shell and the backing of Inland Pipe & Supply’s unmatched customer service you can keep your cooler.

Your new Mainline Cooler can also help keep warm items warm. So if you are out during a cold winter day getting your work done , enjoying an outdoor event or fishing or hunting, the thick walled insulation and rotomolded shell can also keep those warm items nice and warm to keep you doing what you are doing outside.

With many of the same features you will find on competitor coolers like Yeti, Grizzly, K2, Pelican and Orca but not on price. For a look at the features check the video below.

So when you are ready for your next trip or outing don’t forget your Mainline Cooler and come visit us down at Inland Pipe and Supply Wenatchee to get yours.